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Learn to Lead is Helping Students at Heuvelton Central School

Heuvelton Central School has started a program to help build leadership and confidence in students, and create a stronger school community. Learn to Lead is a mentor/mentee experience designed to enhance leadership potential in the school's selected mentors. Heuvelton’s student leaders will be providing supports through connections strengthened with their mentees to help them reach this goal.

Shannon Jordan, Heuvelton’s Middle and High School principal had this to say about the program, “This concept was established in Massena High School years ago. They have had such success and were willing to share their great work with Heuvelton Central School. One of Heuvelton’s district goals is to build a positive culture and climate for all students and staff; we knew that we needed to start with the students to make positive changes happen in the hallways. Students will be shown that they can make a difference in how they see each other and treat each other. We want to use Learn to Lead as an avenue to celebrate differences and provide an opportunity for diversity and acceptance.”  

Several Heuvelton teachers are involved in the program as well. Teachers have given positive feedback on what they are seeing in students, they have said things like: 

"Students seem more confident now." "They are coming to school every day and smiling." and “It's beautiful to see!" 

 When students returned from their trip, they saw each other differently and began to support one another. Students have said comments like: 

“Can we please go back; I feel like I have friends now and people actually see me for who I am. Learn to Lead is life-changing for me."

 “Our team wanted to create an experience where mentors and mentees could get to know one another off-campus and build trust in one another, this opportunity took place at Beaver Camp. Our team comprised of Kendra Quinlan, Gizelle Bullock, Austin Weakfall, Ginger Coller and myself. We all worked so well together to contribute to this moving experience for students and Jim and Renee Clarke who ran the high and low ropes course really set the tone with their opening games as well. The goal is to see beyond the stigma and judgment and celebrate each other's uniqueness and find similarities that will last,” said Mrs. Jordan.

Learn to Lead students will get together and will continue to do so throughout the school year to deepen their bond. The next event is pumpkin carving this month. The district plans to continue this and expand their opportunities for more students each year.