Information on Distribution of At-Home Test Kits

As has been reported in the media, New York State has made thousands of at-home COVID-19 test kits available to schools statewide.  State and local health officials are providing these tests as a resource, and they will be distributed by local schools.

The purpose of these tests is to monitor the spread of COVID-19 within our community as part of the ongoing effort to keep our school buildings open for in-person instruction. Tests can be utilized whether or not a student is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

We anticipate that these tests will be distributed to students and brought home from school on Friday, January 7th. We respectfully request that parents conduct one of these tests on their student(s) prior to sending them to school on the morning of Monday, January 10th.  You may utilize the second test at your discretion (for example, if your student begins showing symptoms of COVID-19).  If your child is not in school on Friday, you may contact the school nurse to receive the kit at a later date.  Heuvelton students that attend BOCES programs hosted at other schools will receive test kits from the host school.

Please note that any positive test results from an at-home test must be reported to the local health department and to your school nurse. You do not need to report test results obtained elsewhere, and you do not need to report negative test results. 

Use the links below, as needed:

Thank you for your continued partnership as we work to keep our students in school.  If you have any questions or concerns about COVID-19 testing or other health and safety protocols, please do not hesitate to call the School Nurse‚Äôs Office (315-344-2414 x28008).

For more information on testing, quarantine and isolation please visit the SLC Public Health website at