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Heuvelton Central School District

87 Washington Street, PO Box 375
Heuvelton, NY 13654
Phone: 315-344-2414
Fax: 315-344-2349
A Bit of Our History
In October of 1822, a one story stone house was constructed and served as the local school until 1874. This stone school house appears to have been built sometime prior to 1837. In 1852 the school house burned. It was rebuilt and remained there until 1874 when a large two story frame building known as Union Free School of Heuvelton was built. This frame building was sold at public auction on May 15, 1954 with the condition that it had to be razed by August 15, 1954.
Stone School House

By 1948 the number of students had grown substantially. That same year the proposed centralized district was established. The bond issue was finally passed in early 1952. The school's first commencement exercises were held on June 22, 1953 with a class of 20. The building erected in 1952 was designed to accommodate 510 students and by September 1954 was serving 617. Another bond issue was passed on October 13, 1956 for a second building program.
Union Free School
A third bond issue was passed on April 17, 1964 for additions to the school building and the construction of a school bus garage. The garage was finished by mid-winter of 1965 and the new school addition was used in the fall of 1965. The annual Christmas concert of that year was the first public use of the new auditorium.
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