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Guidance: PK-6

As part of the Comprehensive School Counseling Program here at Heuvelton Central School students are offered various services.

Individual Counseling

As part of the Pre-K/6 comprehensive school counseling program at HCS students can talk with the school counselor on a one on one basis. Topics for Individual Counseling may vary and are based on individual student needs. Friendship, Behavior, Academics, Divorce, Anxiety, Anger Management, and Grief/Loss are just a few of the reasons a student may need to talk with the school counselor. The school counselor will determine if a student requires ongoing weekly meetings or just occasional check ins on an individual need basis. Teachers and parents can request school counseling services for a child at any time by contacting Mrs. Wulf via phone, email, or personal meeting. Students can also ask to talk to the counselor here at school. Your school counselor is someone who can help connect you to a variety of resources available in the community depending on your family’s need.

Group Counseling

The counseling program at HCS is designed to be preventive and developmental. In addition to seeing students individually and in the classroom, skills are taught and information is provided in a small group setting. We emphasize that groups are for everyone and participation does not indicate a problem. Parents, teachers, administrators, and the school counselor can recommend a student to be a member of a small counseling group.
Small Group Counseling is offered in the following areas for all students based on need:
  • Changing Families
  • Grief & Loss
  • Small Group Counseling topics are not limited to the above areas, and are based on the need to our student population

Classroom Lessons

Classroom Lessons will be offered to each classroom and each grade level multiple times per year. Classroom Lessons provided by the school counselor are based on the need of each individual classroom and the school as a whole. The goal of classroom lessons is to promote character education and teach Academic Success, Bully Prevention, Social Skills/Friendship, Career Exploration, and Identification & Expression of Feelings