Frequently Asked Questions on Mask Wearing

Q: Does my child have to wear a mask to school?

A: No. Starting March 2nd, 2022, per federal, state and local guidelines, students do not have to wear masks in school.


Q: If I would prefer for my child to wear a mask, will they still be allowed to do so?

A: Yes. Mask wearing will continue to be optional. There will be no tolerance for harassment, bullying, or questioning any individual’s personal decision to continue to wear a mask in our school district.


Q: Will the school district still be providing masks for those who wish to wear them?

A: Yes. School districts will maintain an adequate supply of masks for students, faculty and staff who wish to wear them.


Q: Does my child have to wear a mask on the bus?

A: No. The CDC no longer requires mask wearing on buses or vans operated by public or private school systems, including early care and education/after-school programs. To the extent that public transportation systems are used for purposes of conveyance to and from school, the rules in place of that public transportation system would apply.


Q: Will my child have to wear a mask to participate in athletic activities?

A: Athletes will not be required to wear masks during any Spring 2022 Varsity athletic contests held on school grounds. If an athletic contest is hosted off campus, the requirement for masks will be at the venue’s discretion.


Q: Will masks be required at district events, including athletic contests and board meetings?

A: Masks will not be required at district events that are hosted on school grounds. If district events are hosted off campus, the requirement for masks will be at the venue’s discretion.


Q: What circumstances could lead to a reinstatement of the mask mandate? Are there any scenarios in which my child will be required to wear their mask to school, even if the mandate is not reinstated?

A: Yes, local health departments may institute stricter guidance than the state, such as requiring masking in school or by incorporating mask rules into codes of conduct. Local health departments are strongly encouraged to implement universal masking when the county COVID-19 community burden is high. We will continue to work with St. Lawrence County Public Health to notify you of any scenario in which masking may become necessary. Additionally, exposed individuals should mask in school and while in indoor public spaces for 10 days after exposure.


Q: If my child tests positive for COVID-19, do they have to wear a mask to school?

A: Yes, a mask will still be required for days 6-10 following days 1-5 of isolation for infected individuals.


Q: If a student or teacher at high risk for severe COVID disease attends school, should the entire classroom mask routinely?

A: There is no NYSDOH requirement for students or staff to disclose any medical conditions that may increase their risk of severe COVID-19. There is no requirement that other individuals in the classroom wear masks routinely because of the presence of a person at risk of severe COVID-19.


Q: Should a student or teacher at higher risk of severe COVID-19 mask routinely?

A: Individuals should consult with their healthcare provider to determine whether and when they should mask routinely, such as in school or as part of certain activities. Immunocompromised individuals are welcome to wear N95 masks.