Board of Education Statement

Allegations against district administrators were referenced during the public forum portion of the March 23, 2022, Heuvelton Central School District Board of Education meeting. The board takes any allegations of misconduct by school personnel seriously, and acknowledges its obligation to follow all protocols outlined by the New York State Education Department regarding the investigation of complaints of this nature. 

We understand that the allegations referenced are troubling. However, the board is confident that the district has taken and will take all required and appropriate steps when a situation is reported.

The Board of Education appreciates feedback provided by our community members, and we welcome discourse as part of our public forum. We are concerned, however, about the perpetuation of rumors and verbal attacks on school personnel that have taken place both during and outside of board meetings. The safety, academic integrity and overall well-being of children in the Heuvelton Central School District is and always will be the top priority for the board. It is not a responsibility that we take lightly.

Given the challenges our district has faced in recent months regarding racial issues, and our desire to implement a cohesive approach to diversity, equity and inclusion, the district will look to hire a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator. Our goal is to find an experienced candidate who can help move the district in a positive direction.  

The last two years have been difficult as we have navigated the pandemic. The Heuvelton Central School District Board of Education has the unanimous and firm support of Superintendent Jesse Coburn and his leadership of the district. We know that Supt. Coburn and the administrative team, along with other school personnel, have worked hard to make school as “normal” as possible. We appreciate the tremendous work that has gone into this.

In any organization, there is always room for improvement. The board acknowledges that there is work that can be done at every level – including at the board level – to improve our school culture and community. Our hope is that we, as a community, can do this work together.