Letter from Principal Farrand to 7-8 Families

Dear grades 7-8 families,

We were made aware that two photos were air-dropped to students in the cafeteria during the middle school lunch hour today. Air-dropping allows individuals to anonymously share content with other iPhone users within a close radius. These images contained messaging that perpetuates racist narratives. Law enforcement has been notified of the incident and is currently working with the school to investigate this situation. 

In response to this incident, we convened all students in grades 7 and 8 to discuss what had happened. Students were reminded that this type of behavior violates our Code of Conduct, and that it will not be tolerated. Currently, middle school students may use mobile devices during the lunch hour and in between classes. We will be temporarily suspending cell phone use during the lunch hour as we investigate this incident. 

The use of racist or discriminatory language and symbols is contrary to our school values and what we stand for as a community. At HCS, we value social responsibility and will continue to instill in our students the importance of treating one another with dignity, respecting differences and ethical technology use. We recognize that students in this age group are still learning how sharing this type of content can be harmful to others. Our expectation is that students will be mindful of the impact of their words and actions. 

We ask you to partner with us in making this a teachable moment about treatment of others as well as the appropriate use of technology. Please consider taking some time to talk with your child about respecting differences and appropriate phone use. 

If you or your student have any information regarding this incident, please reach out to me or Miss Leroux. 


Jill Farrand 

7-12 Principal