HCS seniors attend Gateways to Careers event hosted by SLL BOCES

On Wednesday, March 15, Heuvelton seniors attended the Gateways to Careers event hosted by SLL BOCES at SUNY Canton. Seniors have been preparing resumes, cover letters, and practicing interviews over the past few months in their Senior Seminar, English, and Economics classes in preparation for mock interviews with local businesses and employers
Gateways to Careers is a college and career readiness workshop which annually provides students from area school districts the opportunity to learn critical jjob-seeking skills, as well as the knowledge of how a well-developed resume, solid communication skills, and a positive attitude can impact their future success.
Area employers volunteer a day every year to provide constructive comments and guidance to high school students as they prepare for their future college and career.  Students can expect at least three mock interviews, each with plenty of helpful feedback provided by employers. In addition to area business representatives, students also have the opportunity to meet with college and military representatives.