School community administrative re-alignment

Dear HCS families,
Effective July 1, 2023, the administrative structure at Heuvelton Central School will change. The changes are being made to provide more focused and more efficient services to students and families. Although staffing levels remain unchanged, there will be changes to some job titles, and realignment of associated duties.
As of July 1, the following administrative title changes will occur:
  • 7-12 Principal Jill Farrand will transition to PreK-12 Principal
  • Dean of Students Lacey Leroux will assume the role of PreK-12 Assistant Principal
  • PreK-6 Principal Shannon Jordan will become the Director of Student Services and Special Education
The changes will align skill sets and work responsibilities to better serve the academic and non-academic needs of the changing needs of our students and their families. 
Ms. Farrand taught for 12 years, worked as an instructional coach, and has over five years of administrative experience.  As an administrator, her varied roles include overseeing Special Education programs, BOCES technical programs, and serving as the St. Lawrence BOCES Director of Instructional Resources for all schools in St. Lawrence County.  A native of Heuvelton and graduate of HCS, she combines a rich background of professional experience with an innate understanding of the community.  
With over a decade of educational experience, Ms. Leroux has extensive experience working in various special education and general education settings, having worked for St. Lawrence BOCES at schools in our region, and for HCS for the past five years.  In her most recent role as Dean of Students, Ms. Leroux coordinated revisions to the Code of Conduct and spearheaded both crisis intervention and restorative work in the district.  Ms. Leroux is also highly involved in coaching school sports and many aspects of student life at HCS.
Mrs. Jordan started her career as a licensed RN, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, worked as a counselor in both special and general education settings, and has over a decade of administrative experience.  She has worked as a principal across grades preK-12, and as a Supervisor of Special Education programs for St. Lawrence BOCES.  At HCS, her work history includes growing inclusive learning environments, initiating student-led programs such as Learn to Lead and Point Break, developing transition programming such as the senior seminar and dual-credit courses, and fostering partnerships with families to support early literacy. 
In recent years, an approach to developing community schools has been emphasized at the state and federal levels.  Community schools prioritize community partnerships, emphasize family engagement, and provide additional support for the whole learner, and the whole family.  Such schools recognize that the basic needs for students must be met in order for academic engagement and growth to occur.  As a small school in a small town, we want and need to foster strong connections between families and school to achieve the best outcomes for our students. 
Successful schools offer rigorous academic programs, complemented by equally strong support systems to meet the needs of all students.  Support systems traditionally integrate academic interventions and special education services.  In recent years. HCS has increased our capacity to provide support services to students at all levels.  However, since the onset of the pandemic we have encountered wide-ranging academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs requiring specialized interventions from district staff, sometimes in combination with outside service providers.  To do this work effectively, it requires deliberate coordination and collaboration with everyone involved.  
The Principal and Assistant Principal will focus on day-to-day instruction and student life for all grade levels.The Director of Student Services and Special Education will oversee specialized interventions and supports, and coordination with our community partners. Collectively, the entire administrative team will continue to ensure student safety, oversee school operations, and work in concert to provide the highest levels of support for our students and the extended HCS community.
We are excited about these changes and encourage you to reach out to our district or administrative offices with questions.