Woodworking After-School Club: Innovation, Creativity, & FUN!

Heuvelton Central School students recently had the opportunity to collaborate with a local woodworking artist to create fun, unique woodworking projects. The Woodworking after-school club was organized by woodworker Kate Schuler and art teacher Christy Collins. Kate received a grant from SLC Arts Education to introduce woodworking to young girls in the North Country in an effort to increase female participation, as woodworking is a male dominated field. The club consisted of students Halayna Biller, MaKenna Chase, Paxton Davis, Cindy Gleeson, Jada Joanette, Anastasia Kelly, Bella Lopez, Jessalynne Martin, Avery McLear, Macie Searson, Natalee Spiak, and Molly Tyo.

The following article was written by the student club members: Makenna Chase, Jada Joanette, Bella Lopez, and Avery McLear.

We’re all so happy that we were able to participate in this club because Mrs. Schuler has positive energy and was great to work with. She’s kind, helpful, intelligent, humble, loyal, hardworking, caring, and DETERMINED! During this club, we made three wooden lath pieces of art. All three pieces were designed by the club members and represent the Heuvelton School Community. The lath art was based on the member’s ideas; these ideas include the front of the school, an ART sign for the art room, and a purple and yellow HCS sign.

We used some tools that we have never used before. Some of these tools were hand saws, a nail gun, clamps, miter box, and the speed square. We protected ourselves with construction glasses, gloves, and masks. The materials we used were recycled lath wood from an old house and acrylic paint.

Our club learned so much! We first learned how to plan a project. We were then taught how to make measurements and cut the wood. Lastly, we were taught how to use a nail gun! Our biggest struggle was cutting the lath wood with the hand saw. Our favorite part was using a saw and a nail gun. Our most improved part was cutting wood angles.

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