Smart Schools Investment Plan


Smart Schools Investment Plan 

Pre-approved by the Board of Education on 5/22/24

A Smart Schools Investment Plan (SSIP) to purchase the items below was given pre-approval by the Heuvelton Central School Board of Education on May 22, 2024.  The SSIP is made available to the public for review and comment from May 23, 2024 through June 25, 2024.  Written comments may be submitted to Tessa Herron, District Clerk,  87 Washington Street, Heuvelton, New York, 13654 or [email protected]


A public hearing on the SSIP will be held at 6:45 p.m. in the Multimedia Room at Heuvelton Central School on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, prior to the monthly Board of Education meeting.



Unit Cost

Total Cost


Promethean 75” Interactive classroom Display Panels





Desktop Computers




These are to serve as internal computers for interactive display panels

Interior Security Cameras




Replacing aged security cameras

Exterior Security Cameras




Replacing aged security cameras





Student Chromebook replacements





Our goals in the purchase include replacing classroom interactive display devices as they reach their end of life span, which will also include desktop computers for each interactive display device. We will also purchase replacement chromebooks as needed, as student devices reach their end of life.  Lastly, this purchase will allow us to replace aged security cameras.   

Promethean Interactive Classroom Display:  We currently have SMART Interactive Displays that will reach their end of life span in the coming years. Utilizing this program is the best way to replace these devices as needed. 

Desktop Computers:  Having built in computers for each display will open up new ways for Teachers and Students to be involved with their lessons, while creating flexibility for Teachers during instruction.

Interior & Exterior Security Cameras:  Our current security cameras are nearing their end of life. These replacement cameras will also serve as an upgrade and improve our coverage areas in an effort to make the school as safe as possible for students and staff.

Chromebooks: We currently have a rotation plan for replacement of student chromebooks that have reached their end of life. Utilizing this program to achieve this will be an efficient way to keep suitable chromebooks in the hands of our students.